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Someone asked me to make a tutorial on how I made this gifset. First of all I’d like to say that English isn’t my first language so I’m already sorry if I make any grammar mistakes here.

I used Photoshop CC to made this, but I’m pretty sure it works with the others too.

this one is really annoying to make but…

  1. Go to Files > New (or just press ctrl+n) the size I used is 500x230px (make sure it’s pixels)
  2. Once your file is open it should be transparent, you can paint it the color you want or you can add a texture, that’s up to you.
  3. Create a shape or you can use mine (we’re going to use it to make all of the three gifs): image
  4. You gonna write down whatever you want on this shape, as you can see on my gifset I wrote “name” on the first but you can write what you want.
  5. My gif (the first one) has 47 frames ( i think you don’t need to worry about how many frames your gif has since it doesnt have colors or anything )
  6. Create your text (mine’s katniss everdeen) and make sure to finalize the font and size.
  7. We’re going to use the move tool (press V)  press ctrl+a (make sure the text layer is selected) 
  8. Now you’re going to center your text, click on the second and then the fifth magical toolsimage
  9. Right-click over the text layer and select “rasterize type” , once you’ve done this you won’t be able to make any changes on the text:image
  10. Cut out each letter of the word by using marquee tool (press M) and right-click and select “Layer Via Cut”image
  11. When you’ve finished your layers should look like this image
  12. Create other two groups of text with the same number of letters (e.g katniss everdeen has 15 letters so you’re going to choose other 30 random letters, 15 in each group.)  Do the same thing that you’ve done with Katniss Everdeen (center it,rasterize it, cut out each letter, group it)
  13. The first group should decrypted first, then the second and next the Katniss one
  14. As I said my gif has 47 frames, so you just need to press the “duplicates selected frames” buttom to make frames.
  15. For the first frame make only the first letter of the frist group visible and change the opacity to 50%. 
  16. Duplicate the frame, make the first layer of the first group invisible and the first letter of the second group visible and change the opacity to 80%.
  17. Duplicate the frame again. make the first letter of the Katniss’ group ( the K obviously) visible and don’t change the opacity (it remains 100%)  you should have 1 frame for each letter. duplicate the frame again and do the same thing with the rest. (you don’t need to make the “K” of katniss invisible, so your first letter is already done)

  1. File > New (or just press ctrl+n) i used the same size as the first one and i’m gonna use it on the third as well
  2. Create your shape (just like you did on the first gif)
  3. Create text with the personality traits you want to use. Using the “Rectangue Tool” (press U)  you’re going to create boxes next to the texts. If you’re going to write 6 traits you’re going to need 24 frames.
  4. For the first frame you’re going to use the brush tool (press b). On the first empty box draw half of a tick or cross or whatever you want.  image
  5. Make it visible on all the frames. Go to the second frame, draw the other half of the tick/cross , go to the third frame draw another half tick/cross, go to the fourth frame and draw the rest of the tick/cross , and keep doing this until you’re done with all your boxes




and now, the last one aka the easiest one

  1. File > New (Ctrl+N)
  2. Paint it, or add a texture
  3. Create your shape, write down whatever you want on the shape (i wrote weapon of choice as you can see)
  4. Go to Google and try to find a png of the image you want to use. this is what i’ve found (x)
  5. Open your png on photoshop, press ctrl+a to select it all, and ctrl+c to copy, go back to your gif and press ctrl+v to paste 
  6. My gif has 6 frames (it doesnt need to be 6 but i was too lazy to make more than 6)
  7. Make your frames, press ctrl+t (make sure the png layer is selected) this is how it should look image
  8. Duplicate the layer 6 times
  9. make the other five ones invisible.
  10. Go to your next frame, make the second layer of your png visible and move the png (in my case the bow and arrow) see that little boxes around the bow and arrow?! you use them to move or make the image big or small, in that case we’re going to use the first one (left to right on the top) to move it, make the slightest move, press enter when you’re done
  11. go to your next frame, make the third layer (that you’ve duplicated) visible, press ctrl+t again and move the bow and arrow like you’ve done on the second frame but it cant be in the same position as the second, because we want it to look like it’s moving. press enter.
  12. Repeat all those steps until you think you’re done.
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